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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

The military is devoid of a political voice, disparagingly pinned down, but have the weapons, trained to kill and got determination. That is the key mistake of putinist system – the disproportionately stupid wiping their feet on the military; but putilists elites – as a class of gray bureaucrats who took power by manipulations, internal terror and paper-cheating (neostalinism) – fear the military above all else, technically it is their main enemy.

There is nothing worse than this gray class of managers and bureaucrats because they have no feedback from their decisions, shifting responsibility up and down they wreck the system with instability and stupidity. They are the first ones responsible for the enshitification of a complex system, no matter government or a company. Besides, real talent doesn’t dwell in such places, but at the same time people give these gray men so much responsibility… and that’s how it works, that’s how we get what we get.

Scenario is simple as that: work with the military – to persuade, ideologically and technically, to build a strategy to seize Moscow, kill or capture putin. To ideologically guide and explain that the main enemy is not in Kiev, the traitor of Russia and its main enemy is in the Kremlin – and it is easy to overthrow it… such unity of power in one point is it’s main weakness – Koschei’s Needle… as an opposite example – a distributed system of power is difficult to overthrow – it is everywhere; but in today’s Russia, remove the khuylo – and everything is done. Cyber-technically organize channels of impenetrable communication, spread counter propaganda and a real motivation for people to start acting.

One day a group of soldiers just turns back and marches on Moscow. Everyone will be shocked – as shown by the rebellion of Prigozhin, no one will actually stand up for Putin – there is no ideology, the dictator himself is an empty and gray bug – it’s all about money, fraud, those who work for the regime in Russia and other countries – work for themselves personally, not for the dictator or the idea. Other militaries will be quickly involved in the coup after seeing coming back on Kremlin is easy. The fascism regime has fallen then.

That’s what I’m going to do next month, soon I’m starting a youtube channel with me speaking to the people explaining philosophy, reasons and plans for freedom (I totally disrespect google and other big tech and use zero products of them in my life but russian folks and normals are only there so I must come out to them – same with the translations here) – to encourage military and normal russians to resist, to protests, explain them the reasons and ideology, prepare motivation and power, organize technical and cyber-security plans.
As of todays I’m messing around with cameras and studio lights, microphones, for a good quality to get audience quicker, also setting up store.logicandsound.com to find additional money to fund the work; I hope to finish all preparations and publish first video/podcast and products around February/March/Maybe April 2024. I’m also uploading all my 200+ albums to https://archive.org/details/@logicandsound_com now so people can download and listen for free (64kbps only – not perfect I know but still OK, I can listen such quality, but if you want mp3 320 or wav go buy on bandcamp or LaS’ store: as an independent creator I need to find some funds, I’m trying to balance on freedom and reasonable supporting/product offers.

Meanwhile, new album as swhq was released yesterday:


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