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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr


Hi there, I’m az (swhq, optmay, Iksnx, 1300p, dub, many other aliases) – a philosopher, music composer, visual artist and web developer. Here is some basic information about this blog and my projects (logicandsound, mittnetworkmusic) as well.

Hyperfocus covers a wide range of topics, including philosophy of life, stoicism, aesthetics, ethics, sociology, psychology, politics, economics; promoting critical thinking and exploring values, freedom, improving quality of real and digital life. This blog also serves as the main information platform of all logicandsound.com subprojects.

My writing style is intentionally simple, aiming for a groovy and easy-to-read approach. Usually I create somewhat short texts in a spicy philosophical style or aphorisms, about a wide range of ideas, sharing my personal experiences and opinions along the way. I publish around one text a day or so – kind of same daily working routine as I used to do with the mittnetworkmusic. I write everything by myself.

az: logicandsound, mittnetworkmusic, hyperfocus


I’ve been a thinker and reader of science and philosophy books for a long time. I started writing my own texts around 2017-2019 era as S A B project (S). Over time, my philosophical project has gone through various style revisions and improvements, after experimenting with different formats, I’ve settled on an ideal one as hyperfocus.logicandsound.com writing relatively short texts about everything daily.

Like my music-making journey which I began in 2009 with ambient-noise experimenting on a Linux PC, my philosophical writings isn’t motivated by money or fame, rather by genuine interest and my will for truth and real value, it’s a pure creative stream, I’m to express the energy and ideas that flow from my mind. And I know the hardships of life… I want to help people with my work – philosophy and music has always been a source of strength and inspiration for me, something that really supports, and that’s why I contribute too – sharing my experiences so others can find a good way too.

People always ask where I’m from – I was born in Russia in the 1990s but I immigrated from there many years ago, so I’m a cosmopolite and don’t belong to any specific state or ideology, I live & travel all around the world, changing places frequently… as our whole earth today seems to be in a humanistic crisis, I’m to fight against authoritarianism and other wrong ideas all around the globe, opposing the infamous stupid end-road things like fascism, mega-corporations’ disinformation/stealing/manipulation/overgrowing, ignorance populism, dogmatic fanaticism, etc. I construct ideological disintegration of non-freedom regimes, finding and spreading universal good values and ethics, anti-corruption, anti-dictatorship ideas, motivating people for real quality, freedom, higher intelligence, open society, critical thinking… promoting life without fear, reasonable protesting and boycotting, clear life understanding.

rm: main assistant, supporter, legacy-inheritor, product manager

010523@gmx.com / info@logicandsound.com

I’m thankful and appreciate if consider investing/donating/sharing/volunteering to my projects as I have no unlimited resource meanwhile my projects requires lots of work. RM is my only one actual supported at this moment. Check the bottom footer for the additional information.

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