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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

In the jungles of modern world’s capitalism, in a huge big company… they’re not aiming to make just a good product.

They’re just trying to make a product that will sell well.

Values there don’t aim a healthy, beautiful, prosperous society, but only to fill their own pocket with money, no matter if letting other people die.

That’s completely wrong because we are all connected, we are all fruits of the same tree – the tree of life, we share the same home – the earth, we share the same roof – the sky.

Value, quality, perspective? All these things are unimportant in the mainstream of capitalism today – just to sell, just to promote, just to hold on to their position.

We live in times of anti-humanism. Money and greed have conquered ordinary people. The sudden ultra-globalization of markets and sharp information revolution has only increased the masses of fools.

Systems and organization of resource and energy fluxes corresponds to the volume and geometric structuring of the environment – that is, what is the composition of the flow of people and their labor, its complexity and depth, so their self-organization and regulation of efficiency.

Today’s model is inefficient… our world is in crisis. With globalization and ultra-productivization, the money-market model of generations before yesterdays – of capital accumulation and distribution – is becoming increasingly irrelevant. As if feudalism were today. Actually what we see, by the way – the profound absurdity, the inappropriateness to progress and the common good of techno-feudalism of overgrown bureaucratic based, authority biased corporations and states.

All these systems work well on a small scale, adaptation is needed when outgrowing them. Laws, society, companies, money…

The next systems to be decentralization, universal basic income, and the rejection of money as the main stimulant of production.


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