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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

The world is a very complex, messy and spontaneous place.

We’re human beings, and in our society and our systems of living, it’s even more complicated.

There’s randomness everywhere. Very, very much depends on luck… the wilder we are, the more our system and distribution depends on chance.

But this comes from an observer perspective only. How about a wider view?

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To see not magic powerful evil, but confused, twisted, complex systems. Evil is pure human, a cheeky ignorance… that primarily the weakness of an element of a complex, entangled system, not something special. In general, the human world in general is very complex and complicated – it is a real challenge for us as a species to realize and process it all

An attractive inquiry is how perceptible and resynthesizable is the awareness of the complexity of our systems for entities wider than the system – that is, roughly speaking, if we see our world as complex, how could it be seen by say a god or a hyperhuman, an Übermensch…? Such thought experiments help to give some perspective and scales to the recognized

Or is complexity complicated in any case? Definitely not – because if something seems extremely complex to a child, say, the Internet or television, it doesn’t seem so to an educated adult.    It depends on the level and breadth of awareness of the phenomenon, representation of it.

However, in any case – keep your mind clear. If the world is complex, systems are complicated, if you know it all and understand the flaws of the elements of entanglement, the immaturity of individual components, if you see and understand it all, you are calm in any case. Just let it be, let it test itself.


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