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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

  • Balancing aesthetic: the base prevails

    In the end, death makes us all the same.

    At this point in time, under the given conventions of our development, death is a good thing.

    I realize we are still limited as a species, as minds, and in spite of having the capacity for higher intelligence, we are still primitive, and most of us are fools and bastards. It would be impossible to endure the routine of it all indefinitely…. death is necessary. Maybe like so many other things? But not everything. The universe strives for perfection but many errors occur. Like, why do we need wisdom teeth? Rudiments happen…

    I’m ready to die at any moment so I’m not afraid of losing anything.

    The realization of mortality makes life better. Life is like a video game, no matter what bad things happen, I am ready to play, and ready to turn it off in a very extreme case, that’s easy, in any case it has an end. Realizing the finality of my existence helps me appreciate time.

    It’s all a flux, an endless filtering…

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  • Criminal romanticism

    Criminal romanticism (idealization of criminality and everything lower-class – rude, insolent (for example, it’s also inherent in the majority of hip-hop) is deeply and universally spread in Russia (peak – 90s and post 2000s), because the Russian state and its cultural code are very rotten, started even before the USSR, and became especially stinky after the Bolsheviks’ times, today we can see kinda the same disaster, it’s evolution: neo-stalinism (authoritarian idiot-dictatorship with deep passivity of most people, a highly damaged and corrupted set of values that feeds the people who govern and follow orders) – cannibalistic and absolutely useless

    For defense and sense, ordinary people unconsciously look for strength and loyalty in seemingly foolish and absurd criminal romanticism (a light touch of peculiar aesthetics also sweetens it).

    As a result, the same people who were resentful of their own state and fed by this romanticism come to power in Russia (in modern societies, it’s still randomness that often decides the scenario: very often accidental people come to power, that’s why we need to establish democracy, it protects against over-powerful, over-confident fools), and the state becomes even worse, losts any bits of ideology, spreading just cheap cynicism everywhere, even more cannibalistic, eats its own people and craps under itself. That is, there is a vicious circle, when it is worse, and then even worse.

    There is no way and no future, just as there is no good present without humanism and framing of big, good values; criminal romanticism is a sign of a weak, sick system, rotten cancer-alike values, it’s not Dionysus, it’s just an unhealthy degeneration, a dead-end code.

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  • Music

    You need to find your mood with bad music, but good music finds your mood itself.

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  • Fool-proof protection in economy?

    Democracy is a protection from too much power taken by a fool. Politically…

    But what is our moron-protection economically, socially? What defense is there against evil oversized corporations and their dumb managers? After all, random still rules the human staircase, and not the best people come to huge money and resources economically, but most often – on the contrary. They destroy the market and quality of life, even on democratic platforms…

    At the basic level – deliberate consumption, boycott and refusal in favor of small alternatives and free and neutralized systems. In general, it is good when people are intelligent and reject corporations and bad companies. But often the market is brutally monopolized, everyone and everything is bought up, and it becomes more difficult.

    Absolute freedom – this idea sounds beautiful, but it is beautiful for beautiful people and an ideal, absolute world. Our world is full of fools, and what is even more realistic – of the highest complexity and confusion, so there is no place without regulations. In fact, regulation begins even with a quality personality – personal self-management and below.

    There should not be super rich and mega corporations, it is a bad sign – a tumor. And among other things, such structures are extremely complicated and inefficient, both at the level of economy and politics, by the way. Decentralization, redistribution. Best people don’t need countless tons of money, they will distribute the energy into an efficient system of universal humanity usefulness.

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  • mittnetworkmusic: new Iksnx, other details

    New Iksnx album has been released.

    In December 2023, when I was working on jazz albums and beats, among other things and I happened to have an interesting sketch, I added acid riffs to the downtempo groove… and then it was decided to make an album like this.

    The main material was prepared in December and January, but I had to finish some more tracks in March and April to complete the 60 minutes timeline because it’s an audio cassette album. The current digital release is also a copy from a cassette – I sometimes use magnetic tape for the final releases, it adds style’s important vibrancy, nuance and groove. Still you’ll be able to find pure digital hi-fi version in logicandsound’s store after June 2024 or so. As about artwork, I did the cover in a couple of days using various Linux graphics glitches, that green man was drawn by my closest friend a year ago.

    This album has a brother – another Iksnx/yoijerg but with instrumental jazz beats style, without electric instruments… both these albums were born in the same period, but I will release the second one much later, maybe in a couple of months… right now I have the new spacey ambient intelligent 1300p and complex opmay in the pipeline.

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  • Just the human thing

    What is a country – it is not land, resources, borders, ideas of history… it is about people, their society, community, the organization and structure.

    Don’t take complex illusions about any big fiction ideas of historicism, a country is just a current state of communities, it’s a human thing.

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  • Regulate AI asap

    The main problem with AI is not the technology itself but the fools who use it for all sorts of bad purposes.

    So called artificial intelligence (content generators) requires regulation and legislation as soon as possible today, it is a very dangerous technology and the first danger is the people themselves – there are too many fools among us so it is likely that the majority will drown in their own crap of spam, nonsense, and tastelessness, propaganda and lies generated by the tech.

    While the real talents, the wise men and creators may lose their already few chances to reach the crowd, lose their already minimal share of attention to keep the balance fresh.

    Disinformation and spam, intoxication of the flow of information, the primary signs of disease.

    With today’s weak stack of by-money-corrupted values and morals of the early digital era of hyper capitalism and globalization where most people survive and eat each other, a middleman has a very weak notion of decency, duty, quality, honour, he literally will easily sign a bill to your death or to his own degradation for the sake of money or his career or that pseudo “stability”, without a doubt. With artificial intelligence, they are going to contaminate everything and choke themselves even faster than before. Already today search engines are full of false empty information generated by the bots, all big sites are full of spam and bots and cheap low-quality content.

    An epidemic of spam and misinformation…

    What good has content generators (“AI”) done so far besides spam and misinformation? This technology is potentially useful – but for the smart, for the trained and talented people. But it can be dangerous for the masses, dangerous for the idiots, for the evil (remember – evil is blatant ignorance) – we’ve got so many of them in our world. This technology needs to be discreetly shielded by laws and regulations.

    Because most people are greedy morons… it’s getting harder and harder to navigate the information space. But information is everything.

    To survive in this world you need to train your senses, your intuition for information, your bullshit filter. Build real connections.

    The world is getting more and more complicated.

    And don’t forget that today, in the era of the monster corporations, tightly blocked by monopolists and AI internet, independent creators need support and cohesion especially urgently today.

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  • Day by day

    Think of every day as a special day.

    Think about it first thing in the morning.

    Plan it out.

    Think of every day as your last.

    Never hurry. Death and fortune are not worth it.

    Know how to rest… know how to rest well – the best rest is to do nothing at all, to be at peace, lying or sitting, or even walking or cycling, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the emptiness of doing nothing, rest of the brain itself – to contemplate thoughts or the world, to regain strength and will.

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  • Recent post about habits and simplicity – additional thoughts

    ..no smart watches, no Bluetooth, no addictive TV shows or games. Simple is better. My choices are books, wired headphone, a decent standard watch.

    Just a simple question to ask, are you sure you need all this complexity? After all, you have to pay for it, and heavily – with your time, stability, anti-fragility.

    Entropy is everywhere and the power of simplicity in its strength, sustainability, not these “fancy things”. And don’t forget that very often they (business) create all that not to make your life better, but just to make money from you. In today’s [post, digital, globalization] hyper-capitalist world, man eats man.

    And about habits… it is still necessary to note – it is critically important to form the environment for the formation of e.g. completely burn out all programs out of the phone, in general would go to a simpler phone, to refuse big corporations in principle – to put Linux and eat vegetables, wear basic but quality (maybe local) non-brand clothes, to cut off the Internet frequently: no accounts, no mass media; not to buy at all and not to have at home junk ultra-processed products and technologies, do not communicate and absolutely ignore toxic people, to cut off all unnecessary.

    It’s easier to form the right habits in a prepared environment. The simpler and clearer the environment, the better. It is preferable to take a sharp degree at once and work it, than “I smoke a cigarette once a week” – such a strategy is doomed to failure. You take it right away and chop, yes, at first it will be a little uncomfortable, but it will be the quickest.Cut off everything unnecessary, you become stronger, you have nothing more to lose, only the essence remains. Fear of death is fear of loss. If you’re not afraid of loss, you’re not afraid of death.

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  • Assorted Musings

    Life is not a random phenomenon or magic. It is just the very essence of complication and selection of (chemical and physical) dynamic processes, any chemical reaction develops complication and selection among others (the most efficient processes get more space and energy, gradually the process of organization of reactions takes place).
    Far more questionable in this context is the universe itself and its programs of formation, probability and selectivity.

    Philosophy is the art of rational assumption.” …by flashlight of the reason to find and illuminate, to understand – where to go and how.

    A religious person is first and foremost a superstitious person. (8)

    The death of the arts and crafts with the advent of powerful artificial intelligence? Yes and no. Above all, it is the evolution of the decorative; AI is wider, not deeper. Something will go away, certainly, especially basic mind labor. Real pure art, on the other hand, is inseparable from man. It is the sense of man, his feeling, his connection – not of machines.

    Molecular theory of music – melodies are like looped molecules, like an odor or a scent.

    Values… what values does the art of music evoke when I try to make new music, is that value real? Or just an exploration of the new, i.e., an act of learning?

    I can be wrong. I can be wrong and that’s okay and I’m not afraid of that, the important thing is to realize the conclusions and move on. We can all be wrong and that’s totally okay. Absolutely eliminate all fear and defense of your own mistakes which makes it even worse usually. I can make mistakes and step back to start again. It’s a good, normal process. It’s much worse when you bury your mistakes, hide them, layer them, therefore multiply them.

    Finding, formulating, and posing a problem is more important than closing it, especially in arts discourse. Most problems are stretched over time. Entropy… as long as you live, you learn and solve problems. It’s a game.

    An Out of the Box View
    My thoughts are directed into cosmos and from cosmos always… from there and only from there and through it one can soberly realize all the processes taking place on earth.

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  • Habits, simplicity

    Habits and understanding of their mechanics, mechanisms of routines, flows and time-stretching processes is one the most important thing of all regarding quality of our life, happiness, balance and productivity. You can manage yourself to 95% anything

    You can accustom or wean yourself to anything with a series of attempts – if you have the intention (the intention is formed by values).

    Our brain itself, despite all its flaws, is very good and flexible, but we need to construct a desire – aka will, motivation and awareness of values, of quality.

    All sorts of grooves-tracks (for flow) in the brain are formed by life… habits. You can change them. The main thing is to believe, to be patient… Habits can always be corrected. The main thing is to remember that it’s real and possible – that the brain is flexible and you really can change almost anything about it.

    Using such strategies and understanding, I managed to successfully quit many things: smoking, drugs, toxic people, sugar, social media and mass media internet; and vice versa – to habituate myself to the important – for example, establishing the daily flow of work (hitch – hang the habit on certain “unskippable” parts of the day, for example, do work after breakfast, or after lunch, or before bed), or to do daily sport (just choose sport you love…) and eat healthy food: abruptly forbid sugars and any ultra processed “super-market” products, leave for example honey and vegetables, fruits, raw cereals, enjoy it (it’s actually good, after all), try to come up with interesting dishes out of them, then you get used to it – and that’s it, done. I also gave up brands and expensive things, in clothes and equipment I use simple and basic, and a little – but reliable and high quality. If tech, avoid corporations, over-complexity, get used to open source, it’s stable it’s reliable. I always strive for simplicity and clarity, anti-fragility.

    You can do it. If not the first time, but the second, tenth time. Yes, many attempts, but hard focus on the quality, on perspective.

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  • Pareto Principle, 80/20, entropy, quality

    As in a society where there are few intelligent hardworking people and many lazy fools, so in the world as a whole, for example, even in countries – there are few good, free and efficient systems, but a lot of poisonous tyranny and lawlessness, degradation, foulness. [Not only today’s crap evil circle of Russia, China, Iran, but also almost 80% of world: most of Arab and African, most of South American and Asian countries, actually the real democracy is not something easy and “natural”, it’s an expensive and a golden balance thing, even today’s few free countries tend to degradation at some level like the USA of today or that sleepy over-comfortable weak Europe).

    With software, games, music, food, everywhere and everything of people’s being… Is it true that there is a law that 80 percent of everything is crap, and only 20 or even less is good?

    Sometimes I’m under an impression that it’s temporary, that we’ll all become smart and noble or that progress will happen everywhere someday… But what if it’s just an illusion of the mind’s’ “self-positivity heal”, and always and everywhere, all through life, all centuries, 20 will pull 80?

    A little dialectical method for clarification. Let’s look aside, for example, at the structural distribution of the general whole species diversity, say, insects – can we say that 80 percent of insects are bad? No. In nature, due to various circumstances, some species die off, but since the system of life as a whole is decentralized and balanced cleverly, every species did not come from nowhere. But the other issue is that it took a lot of time and testing-fitting for each kind. Vast time-space amounts comes to balance such systems, we barely feel that short terms’ 80/20 filtrating.

    Is 80/20 applicable to human only, and in the stages of becoming? After all, the human is a stage of becoming, it is not something ready-made, it is a bridge.

    Man is a bridge to the superhuman of the future, to robots and super-computer-machines, ultra-matter cyborgs… we are just like microbes from the distant past, preparing the environment for future super beings.

    80/20 is relevant to short range outcomes of highly complex and complicated systems – fast and sharp at the breaking point. The high complexity and intricacy of our current system of all things “human”, are two consequential effects – rapid, chaotic progress, and a large amount of influx of bad stuff cut off in the process.

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  • Cognition and experience

    They say that the purest knowledge is empirical, that is, based on direct experience. But experience can be deceitful, e.g. optical illusions or logical experiments of dual interpretation. After all, understanding is the primary of the mind and of it’s director: the reason.

    A simple experiment: imagine the smartest man, the best mind system in the universe. That man needs to live and cogitate a little and then he’ll understand it all, a whole system will form in his head. It will be reflected, organized, prepared, and then be visible. But still the man needs at least a minimum of time to gain an experience of the actual and the reality in which the mind finds itself in order to reflect and formulate the cognition.

    Reason and the power of intellect, packed in a well organized mind are the key crucial forms of knowledge. Logic, mathematics… But experience is still the highest, most important, practical way. Actually, cognition is a competent qualitative connection, refinement and reforming an experience into human knowledge.

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  • Culture, information, entertainment, style

    Don’t underestimate highest importance of culture and entertainment, as it is said – “bread and circuses”, 50/50, but actually it’s about 30/70 bread/circuses. Not for nothing even monkeys have a lot of leisure – in the world and in nature in general it is not common to work yourself to zero, leisure is immanent and necessary to every creature.

    Man is defined by the information he surrounds himself with and the information that surrounds him.

    Professional sports – they create information food, we can’t see it but it is a tangible reality – pieces of information in space. People literally eat information… It’s true that there are different kinds of information diets.

    Why do movie celebrities get huge sums of money and ordinary actors get small sums of money? In the essence they might be similar… The answer is simple – recognizability, to attract attention to information. In information flows people cling to familiar faces, familiar objects, as if orienting themselves in space, as a kind of guarantor of certainty, not to lose time. But, sometimes even familiar objects get bored, reduce their reputation, quality, style.

    Style is the deepest basis of any essence. If there is a best – it is very stylish. The best is all on style. Style is not just the decoration, the design of an entity, its the conceptual core… not for nothing deep in the very rudiments of its history mankind has already decorated and created information.

    The best style and the highest wisdom is simplicity, clarity. Not the simplicity of the primitive, unimaginative, undeveloped, or the simplicity of a fool; but a profound simplicity, when the whole essence has been understood and all the stages have been passed through. The best filtered through.

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  • New DAS

    Finally I found time to prepare and release the new long-waited DAS album I’ve been planning in my head for over 4 years or so… this is the real sound of DAS – very experimental. It consists of tracks made at very different times, some just recently, some a couple years old demos.

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  • Act now to give Ukraine the maximum support you can.

    “Anyone with more than two brain cells says that Russia will not stop at Ukraine… It will continue because its entire economy is now geared for war.”

    “Russia is now producing weapons at 3x the speed of 2 years ago, and is being replenished by Chinese/NK supplies. What about Europe? Still sleeping?”

    “The production of artillery shells has increased by almost 2.5 times in the last year, while the production of artillery components has increased by a factor of 22”.

    The West continues to sleep in the comfort of its digital post-capitalist time, while the enslaved, betrayed, resentful, empowered Russians are coming. Of course, they will not stop after Ukraine: their whole system is set up for war, their dictator is absolutely and reasonably afraid of those who came back after the war: to take his power with the weapons.

    This stupid piece of garbage dictator has driven himself and the system he accidentally got to rule to a situation both socially and politically where he just cannot stop the infinite war until we destroy him and the system. Seems like half a million Russians have been killed already.

    We need to support Ukraine and just give them as much weapons as they need. Just give them weapons or sometime you’ll have to give your children there instead.

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  • Values determine motion

    A man’s set of values determine his motif morality and motivational attitude, motion. For example, why do some russian people today serve a foolish mole dictator worthy only of scorn? They are philosophically lost, do not understand values above primitive ones – they only want to fill their bellies, supposedly financially secure, not to take risks, to warm themselves in a pseudo-stability – they do not see values above and do not feel them – both those who directly execute criminal orders and those who just passively acquiesce to all this – they do not understand freedom and perspective development of the whole. This is what drives repressive officers, internet bots, passive silent people, schizophrenic lawmakers – distorted values and moral vagueness within these people. Oversized bureaucratic systems are particularly vulnerable to the lack of values because, besides their mostly senseless over-complexity and fragility, they do not bring any values.

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  • Breakdowns, becoming, polarization, consciousness: various thoughts

    Man develops through random failures and all sorts oof other circumstances through the properties of his fragility.
    That is, the movement, the flow of life… Whatever he encounters, and what is actualized by experience, it is forged as a form. Either by breaking, or by making.

    Dividing into total fools and ultra smart
    Today there is a clear tendency and systematic polarization of people, avalanche-like flows of information and new technology seem to flood the ignorant and primitive, raising above and hardening the smart and sharp.
    Already here: on facebook and other same places old people and rednecks are believing, liking and actively commenting on blatant nonsense junk pictures generated by so called AI tech – even though AI is still scary and primitive – and posted for the purpose of getting money or attention by other but sort of higher fools – the middle layer of pus between fat and meat: greedy hustlers and crooks.
    And no need to say about the situation with political propaganda, populism, seduction of the masses by medias and bot-farms, there is no point in even mention: that already got big a influence, everything is obvious there – the masses of fools are growing stronger and more numerous…
    Polarization into idiots and ultra-smart people is rising like never before.

    “Human consciousness is basically a collection of neuron cells that continuously builds models of the external world and predicts their behavior.
    What is consciousness? What is the ON state of a phone stuffed with sensors and internal programs that calculate and model incoming and outgoing data?

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  • Silence is golden

    The brain is not perfect – it is only “one of the early versions” of the mother nature’s self-empowered calculation-reflection machines.

    Huge, gigantic time segments of the cosmos, on which quantitative and qualitative changes take place, are extremely distant to us in terms of sensations.

    The reason is not perfect either – though when it wants to be, it is close to it. The reason can feel the god – but not those bootleg religious forms of mythology – rather simply the Highest.

    God is an entity not cognizable in the usual sense of the word – especially within the framework of still quite primitive homosapiens… the very word and concept of god as we used to know it is already a skewed, vulgarized idea…

    You can’t see some things anyway, like what is beyond the blackness of the universe – no way…
    You can feel, you can suggest, but feelings are tricky.

    All religion is just dogmatic fairy tales and propagandistic beliefs – Hollywood and images, self-deception, it’s all about average minds and below. A sense of the higher but corruptly reinterpreted into the lower.

    And even though the reason can sense the higher, it is still stuck on the guts and blood of our everyday life.

    We’re just a transitional stage to the perfect machines of the future.

    But still we’ve something, the essence is to pass this stage, to make it beautiful, clear, not to fall apart and not to shit ourselves, not to destroy our home… Man’s mission and his essence is in his work, in the aspiration to the highest.

    Live and die peacefully, at any moment, and let it be.

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  • Degrees of freedom

    Freedom is a necessity for society, and in any case it will come to this because the best, intelligent people will not be intimidated anyway, they will still act in their own way, within the categorical imperative of the mind in the pursuit of the highest quality and development of life… and who drives progress but them – any unfree regime is doomed to slow decay, in fact.

    However, it is important to realize that freedom is a concept close to legal law and balancing, it is not an absolute category. All freedom is good in the context of the virtue, sanity. It is nice when in a structure there are more noble, smart and honest than ignorant and dirty, equality and freedom, such an intelligent environment will be higher. But if the society is barbaric and broken, restrictions are inevitable. Basically, as with man… if a person is well-balanced, controlled to the highest degree – can afford a wider range of actions… A sick, angry, addictive persons need support and restrictions until they become stronger.

    Yet despite all the little things and details, mother nature has something beyond our understanding – great mechanisms and principles of self-balancing systems – in general it’s simple – everything bad naturally falls off and dies – but it takes time …

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  • mittnetworkmusic: new Iksnx, other details

    New Iksnx album has been released. Downtempo Acid Tape, Vol. 1 by Iksnx In December 2023, when I was working on jazz albums and beats, among other things and I happened to have an interesting sketch, I added acid riffs to the downtempo groove… and then it was decided to make an album like this.…


  • New DAS

    Finally I found time to prepare and release the new long-waited DAS album I’ve been planning in my head for over 4 years or so… this is the real sound of DAS – very experimental. It consists of tracks made at very different times, some just recently, some a couple years old demos. DAS by…


  • Realistic Coup d’état in Russia to defeat putinists, contours of the scenario + fresh news

    The military is devoid of a political voice, disparagingly pinned down, but have the weapons, trained to kill and got determination. That is the key mistake of putinist system – the disproportionately stupid wiping their feet on the military; but putilists elites – as a class of gray bureaucrats who took power by manipulations, internal…


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