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Russian society today – it is especially visible on the Internet, and of course we are talking about percentages – the majority of mediocre is toxic and atomized to a high enough degree – i.e. there is very little in people of literal politeness and kindness.

Can be easily seen on any neutral “worldwide available” content, for example comments around the global Internet (where all nations can comment, like videos), when in English usually depicts words of support or sometimes even direct text of love – with some exceptions – especially when it is obvious – some restrained criticism.
Meanwhile, speaking the average percentage, of course, especially against other Russians, the average Russian will not miss an opportunity to criticize and show his “alleged contempt”. All this is partly dictated by resentment – Russians are resentful by decades of unfree, toxic government policies, by damaged cultural codes of disunity and ambiguity.

In general, what I have just mentioned is just one of the rotten parts of the cultural code disease they’ve got, and how I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of spoiled, tainted ethics and aesthetics code between (especially mediocre) people in Russia… obvious and unpleasant nightmare – all this snobbery of the masses and rude unrealistic criticism. But it can be cured, or rather to say – as it always happens in life – life will make them do it; normal society needs gentleness and politeness, criticism is important, but it should be directed with kindness and should be concertized as much as possible; parts, subjects of a society are oiled with ethics for better interconnection – Russians today are rude, it hurts them, but it is curable.


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