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Social media destroys mental health, especially things with so called smart feeds: tiktok, facebook, xitter, instagram, and all that junk: that’s a toxic, dangerous substance, should be avoided. Disaster.

Of course, they gained much pseudo value and in realm of capitalism seeks to gain more, just because of the system – and managers of such formations – they got as fat as overripe fruit on a tree…. but what the tree itself – that is, society as a whole – received? – nothing, only rottenness.

It is not like fashion,trendy or ultra modern. It is more like you overeating junk funk or drugs, compulsively drinking an ultra-sugared cola/soda with a chocolate bar after each one.

You’re not being smart and “trendy” by doing this, you’re just destroying your mind and being exploited by corporations.

Protect yourself and your children from it.

I am not in a favor of hard banning, that’s just not really efficient, better try to reveal real joy of wisdom and health like books reading and minutes of silence; real, deep, weird, open-mind internet discoveries and tech, information freedom and cyber-reality independence.

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  1. az

    They are not only spreading cheap and inaccurate information, but they are also engaging in censorship and limiting freedom of speech.

    Banning users who express opinions and only allowing corporations and the rich to spread their propagandists.

    They censor anyone they do not like by claiming that they have violated their rules, even though they have no valid reason to do so. “Rules or laws dictate that directors should aim to make profits.”

    The infamous junkyard called “Twitter under Musk” is an example of how corrupt they can be. The network has become authoritarian and incredibly dumb, For instance, they play propaganda games, such as banning Yulia Navalnaya after the tragic even of her husband, Russian political hero Navalny (RIP) being murdered by putin. Meanwhile xitter itself has been actively spreading putinists propaganda for long time. It is highly recommended to avoid using X/Twitter as it is no longer a reliable platform.

    The same censorship mechanics can be found in any major tech companies, such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, Amazon and Micrsofot (and their AI tools too), all have been known to censor their products. For example, Navalny apps were banned before the 2020-2021 elections. TikTok is also known for its censorship and propaganda. It is important to be aware of these issues. TikTok is even worse: this flow spreads disinformation and can harm your cognitive abilities. To keep yourself and your family safe, it is recommended to boycott their products. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, you will soon get used to the fresh air.

    Find and spread free, open source alternatives like mastodon or peertube.


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