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Habits and understanding of their mechanics, mechanisms of routines, flows and time-stretching processes is one the most important thing of all regarding quality of our life, happiness, balance and productivity. You can manage yourself to 95% anything

You can accustom or wean yourself to anything with a series of attempts – if you have the intention (the intention is formed by values).

Our brain itself, despite all its flaws, is very good and flexible, but we need to construct a desire – aka will, motivation and awareness of values, of quality.

All sorts of grooves-tracks (for flow) in the brain are formed by life… habits. You can change them. The main thing is to believe, to be patient… Habits can always be corrected. The main thing is to remember that it’s real and possible – that the brain is flexible and you really can change almost anything about it.

Using such strategies and understanding, I managed to successfully quit many things: smoking, drugs, toxic people, sugar, social media and mass media internet; and vice versa – to habituate myself to the important – for example, establishing the daily flow of work (hitch – hang the habit on certain “unskippable” parts of the day, for example, do work after breakfast, or after lunch, or before bed), or to do daily sport (just choose sport you love…) and eat healthy food: abruptly forbid sugars and any ultra processed “super-market” products, leave for example honey and vegetables, fruits, raw cereals, enjoy it (it’s actually good, after all), try to come up with interesting dishes out of them, then you get used to it – and that’s it, done. I also gave up brands and expensive things, in clothes and equipment I use simple and basic, and a little – but reliable and high quality. If tech, avoid corporations, over-complexity, get used to open source, it’s stable it’s reliable. I always strive for simplicity and clarity, anti-fragility.

You can do it. If not the first time, but the second, tenth time. Yes, many attempts, but hard focus on the quality, on perspective.


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