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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

Iran, China, Russia – these are cancer… Maybe some other times they might be interesting cultures, but not today.

That all looks very similar to an organism. Malicious elements sucked in like parasites, destroying everything around them, doing no good, unwilling and unable to leave.

The best people furiously leave those places. Such systems are doomed to decline in the long run. Absolute crap.

Growth for growth’s sake… but what’s the point of your growth, what’s the purpose?

Youtube, google, microsoft, meta, musk, apple, amazon, other similar big junk tech is also a cancer on the society, – as another example of general system-scale wrong-values directed degeneration. They’re all rotten: techno-fascists; we’re sick of paying, the market is monopolized. We should have thought of this earlier. It’s hard now. We’ll have to clean up this mess. Most people are lazy dumb suckers, that’s why all this crap can grow: on the passivity and ignorance of the masses.

Education is not about getting rich and converting science and school into money, as is common today… how utterly pathetic is that! Education is to develop culture and values! To avoid such unfreedom, blind money chasing, general decadence.

Live free or die trying, never obey to the idiots or money. You not a special one, you’re just a fruit on the tree of life, care the general usefulness at first. Anyway you’re going to decompose soon.

America is also stupid, the worst mainstream culture in the world, slaves to money. Drowning in their own problems, bad leader of the planet, trouble. We’re gonna have to clean it up again, build it back up again. That’s fire.


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