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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

In the age of ai and generative tech, creating stylistic craft art has become meaningless – meaning – that is, meaningfulness, the necessity of the common purpose.

Art as development, as play, is one thing: teaching, therapeutic…

The other is the art of the genuine, cognitive plan, when as a researcher of feelings and spectra of the mind you study the paths of the new, the perspective, and synthesize the beautiful… such activity, although it includes particles of the previously (education, therapeutic) mentioned, in the light of the new era, transforms and mutates into something even more narrowly specialized.

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In the fields of pure art one should work more deeply, more ideologically, more sensually. That is, to experiment, to work with feeling and ideas… conceptually.

All these “I’ll draw in the style of…”, for example in the style of classical or abstractionism, or make jazz…. – that’s fine if you’re a kid in school or a bored post-traumatic adult. But if you are a real artist, a creator, especially a skilled, experienced, an advanced sensory machine of reflection and synthesis, you can waste time if you procrastinate with craft.

Craft, all routine, tends to be simplified, digested by automation. It’s a middle-management niche and below. . . All labor has a property to automation, and the simpler the labor, the sooner it is automated.

But how can you automate sports, like soccer, or art, for example? it’s human, too human. Routine, patter, background, craft is automated. The genius of the human shines beyond mundane goals.

For basic consumption, background listening, arrangement of cafe walls and all sorts of things – generators generate patterns. In short that is background.

But the machine can’t feel, can’t understand the depth of the human being. Tomorrow’s real creators need to feel the cutting edge of the new, pure feeling and experimentation. To take off this bounds of dry stylistics and bread-and-butter. The brains of the best people will still be the clear best beacon and light for other people’s brains – that is, proximity.


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