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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

  • Society as a whole

    In the end, death makes us all the same.

    At this point in time, under the given conventions of our development, death is a good thing.

    I realize we are still limited as a species, as minds, and in spite of having the capacity for higher intelligence, we are still primitive, and most of us are fools and bastards. It would be impossible to endure the routine of it all indefinitely…. death is necessary. Maybe like so many other things? But not everything. The universe strives for perfection but many errors occur. Like, why do we need wisdom teeth? Rudiments happen…

    I’m ready to die at any moment so I’m not afraid of losing anything.

    The realization of mortality makes life better. Life is like a video game, no matter what bad things happen, I am ready to play, and ready to turn it off in a very extreme case, that’s easy, in any case it has an end. Realizing the finality of my existence helps me appreciate time.

    It’s all a flux, an endless filtering…

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  • War is dead

    War is dead. With the invention of nuclear weapons, war is no longer possible.

    The highest value on earth is human life… It is indeed the most complex, beautiful and valuable of all things. The stage of bloodshed has been passed and should be, we are somewhere on the verge…

    The war is dead. But the battle of minds will continue.

    Those who still play war today, especially those who start them, are hopeless fools.

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  • Aesthetic nature of destruction and order

    Is the idea of destruction attractive? Yes, just like order… all this seems to be a part or a general composite model of something general and whole. What happens when we feel, express “attractive” – the inner self reflects the outer and is energized, the cognition forms itself then

    Reception of destruction, of order… sometimes we have to destroy and it is good, but sometimes we have to put order and it is also good, both beginnings in their nature are not bad and are mutually essential as black and white, as absence and presence, as yes and no. Context and quality are the keys there.

    Aesthetically, if done intelligently and qualitatively, both ideas bring pleasure – that is, they sensually stimulate positively (both cold and heat aesthetically give a positive charge) and impart some value to the mind.

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  • Creation, contemplation, consumerism, possession

    True happiness is not about having things, but about making things.

    Wanting to have a lot usually comes from feeling like you’re missing out on something. Being overly focused on having things can make you bitter.

    Creation surpasses possession because it, to a certain extent, encompasses everything – including possession – as a result. Absolute truth, the categorical imperative of reason – to create.

    Contemplatiton is good and the right path, but it’s only a tool for a higher purpose. Concentrated consumerism? No, be accurate there…

    Having things can be useful too, but it’s usually more vulnerable & corrupt especially for weak minds than creating, although contemplation can mess up some people too. Messing up while creating can happen too, but it’s not as bad as other things.

    However, when analyzing people and their behavior, it is important not to forget that a person is a very changeable entity – today they are one way, tomorrow another. It is important to keep this in mind… but if today it’s 80 percent, tomorrow it’s only 20 or even less, nobody can guarantee you the tomorrow, and it’s not guaranteed that they will come at all – I mean, if you encounter toxic people, for example, excessive consumers, it’s better to immediately work on the cleanliness of your environment and not allow such individuals into your life… maybe they are normal, just temporarily sick, but we better think about today rather than tomorrow, because a person is a changeable, somewhat unpredictable creature.

    I look deeper and ponder… our world was in some way created, prepared, formula or algorithm, whatever – but the concept of creation is also inherent in us. But what’s true making, and what’s just rearranging what already exists? In any case, creation requires some initial material… there is a complexity and multiplicity of the world – as with life, where before transitioning to a qualitative-quantitative transition – the appearance of a human, or even multicellular organisms, there was a long process of creating preparatory material – effectively translating energy oxygen, for example. When you create, you try, you find…

    So, true happiness… it’s where there’s truth and a clear, perspective and reasonable path, a way to make life better, a path to the prosperity of whole life as it is. Obviously, the best thing is creation, that is, to create. But just don’t clutter…. before publishing, preparation is needed, honesty – multiplying noise is an ignoble affair.

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  • The phenomenon of a sharp quantitative-qualitative transition

    The phenomenon of sharp quantitative-qualitative transition is what I favor.

    The transition of the Higgs boson into electromagnetism, sudden crystallization, the critical points in economics, revolutions…

    It gives birth to the new. Pure experimenting – what does it bring?

    The very transition of the start of the universe… Or when you are born, when you die.

    Sure such transitions, however, are always preceded by an accumulation.

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  • Outer and inner

    It is very important in this world to be able to draw a clear line between one’s inner self and the outer world.

    Do not allow the random external and every passing to insult the inner integrity and peace.

    The outer world – it’s just the outer world… every experience in its essence is somehow subjective, has its own tastes and peculiarities, personal colors, but people forget that the world is primarily just a mutated reflection of oneself from the superficial reality.

    The inner world is like your house or apartment – there should be order, strong walls against rain, and you can change it, work with it. You go out into the outer world, but it is not your place to stay there permanently. So don’t take anything external that appeared necessarily as fact-reality-as-it-is, it is quite likely might be that it was a triple-multi reflections or echoes of the internal.

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  • Freedom is beneficial, but it is also an abstract concept that requires clarification

    In society, between us: equal rights, not absolute freedom… Discuss actual liberties and agreements, general universal usefulness. Don’t just talk about abstract independence. Preciseness enhances truth and freedom.

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  • Emotional charging

    You have to keep thinking of ways to make life better.

    Collect pluses… And information, real data, not speculative manipulations. Instead of collecting the negativity and drowning in the minus.

    Emotional charges.

    Discuss bad things less, for example. It’s about the tone and filtering. Still need to see the dirt and clean it sometimes… But in a positive posture – change and activity against bad things. There is nothing really wrong between us except the arrogance of ignorance. You’re gonna die anyway.

    A gloomy, dark style is good, but as a coolness – in moderation.

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  • Tension, 2015

    I love this track. I remember I made it in 2015 using a complex layer of raw radio noises to achieve that “melody” between bass and drums.

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  • The nature of the mind to distribute information in its own way

    Very often, when the mind is strongly fixated or obsessing on something, if you look from the outside – it is important for the mind to latch on to the reflection of the phenomenon, not so much on reality as to arrange the entities inside itself in a certain order.

    Apparently here the mind and its closest sub-networks have to choose in any case, and it will obviously choose an ordered and beneficial fixation (e.g., tranquility) rather than the truth. However, advanced strong minds can still train themselves to accept reality as it is, for example, to find benefit in pain and development – stoicism is the good way in this aspect – do not fear death, do not fear mistakes, accept everything as it is…. – I live this way and it is really useful – more useful than the illusory sub-comfort of the internal data re-arrangement.

    And nevertheless, in life trivialities, this specific feature of the mind – to shift and distribute information based solely on one’s own subconscious directives – will still manifest itself. It is well known to science how our brain likes to invent explanations even for things we do not understand – the passion for order and any systematization is in its blood.

    That is, on even an imaginary fixation of something in the head, just to strengthen some structure in the head and to bring order. Reality remains kind of on the sidelines… Although it continues to play the role of the main motivator, causality.

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  • The hidden details we perceive

    All objects after cognition have codes embedded in them.

    For example, let’s have an idea of future or current augmented reality glasses that would show the calories of each piece of food in your hand.

    But we’ve already skilled to do something like that, when you hold a piece of pizza in your hand, for example, you already see how many calories are in it – about 300 – and many other properties of that object… yes, you don’t see the designed numbers near the object or other fancy stuff – but you feel the data.

    And so with every object with a table or a box – we read their properties from an invisible field. The field of our mind: reasoned and experienced.

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  • “Don’t worry, be happy”

    “Archeologists in Turkey discovered a 2400 year old laid-back skeleton mosaic. In ancient Greek it reads Don’t Worry Be Happy ” – via
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  • Life is like a race, fortune inversion

    Life is like a racing game – you are constantly not only supposed to accelerate but also to brake.

    One might say, for a dialectical comparison… a dictator of some sort or a billionaire or a pop star, always racing high without stops and seemingly fine.

    But actually no, he’s not fine – it’s an illusion. Living in fear, constantly pressured by surroundings and money, all the wealth to be vanish, such things tend to end up badly, thinking and stresding about death constantly when you got such much to loose… Cheap suffering. Not specially successful but especially foolish.

    In fact, resource-parasites are maniacs – can a maniac be really happy or successful?

    A true master power is never a billionaire nor a usurper of authority… rushing to crash is not wisdom or the highest class, it’s a disease – the inversion of fortune, a dishonorable scoundrel, cancer.

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  • “This is not some kinda of special force but a mexican drug cartel”

    To avoid things like this, legalize all narcotics (but do not sell them in supermarkets around people, rather in far away suburbs or in pharmacies) so that the mafia does not have such a stable and solid stream of money.

    Source: https://reddit.com/comments/1b4ijm3

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  • Sense of truth

    Don’t try to box thinking into language

    Thought is formed faster than words

    Еhink deeply in pure form


    There is such a thing as a sense of truth

    Source: psykzz
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  • About Russia, authoritarian war, normal people and beyond (2.3.24 updated)


    Blatant, ignorant, grossly incorrect position openly stating that putin’s war of 2022 (2014) is supposedly a war of the Russians and that they want it – utterly false, those who say so, very likely work for the putinist system or are simply stupid – such tricks are called “shifting responsibility to everyone”, and just helps the wrong.

    No, no, and again, no. Those who are fighting there are mainly coerced or deceived unfortunate souls. As a person who has lived in Russia for many years, born and raised there, and interacted with a large number of people from various social groups, I can say for sure: most of russian people are not cannibals or imperialists; they are ordinary individuals concerned about ordinary things. They are much like people in Europe or America… but perhaps more socially divided, colder, somewhat tormented, and therefore not heavily involved in the political life… Remember how the past century has passed in Russia, how many victims of torture and misfortune these people have endured.

    The people there have many problems, and society itself is quite toxic. That’s why I immigrated from there long before the war. However, the country itself is not primarily responsible for the catastrophe; the actual crime stems from asshole usurper and terrorist putin and those so-called media and political “leaders” whose spoiled minds initiated it all. Normal folks simply go with the flow, silently obeying any sort of authority they’ve been given, except for the small number of smart, bright, educated individuals found everywhere. It’s sad but true.

    A certain layer of fools has emerged, believing in television propaganda fueled by their own stupidity, foolishly choosing to follow blindly. They are akin to those who worshiped donald trump in the USA or Germans who listened to hitler in past Germany – such individuals exist in every country. The system breeds them; they are simply fools, naive and ignorant.

    It is important to remember that this war is purely a farce and evil concocted by an indulged, talentless, worthless clerk named putin and his surroundings, and the punishment should primarily fall upon him and all his associates – family, close confidants, and henchmen, including officials and propagandists, all those who profit directly and indirectly from this senseless war, those who could have actually influenced and prevented but chose to participate…

    The Russian people in this context are primarily victims of that kgb born idiot and his gang, victims of post/neo-stalinism and all its consequences. World fixed hitler and germans but forgot same scale evil-stalinism and post-tsar russians. The enemy of Russia is within Russia… these bloated, insolent oligarchs and shameless officials, cynical and submissive people.

    There are normal Russians, and there are many of them. The task of the progressive world today is to realize this and work towards strengthening the youth and eradicating the festering core – the eradication of putinist system and the coercive model of values of the Russian generations past.


    The problem with Russia is that any fool who came in 1999, not just Putin, would have entrenched himself and done the same nonsense, because Russians have been oppressed by their own state for centuries, with false and backward pseudo-frames of empty values and false ideologies, pathologically afraid of authority, passive and uncreative politically, socially. The system of values & open society structures “in a historical context” hasn’t had time to form in that country, so no special credit should be given to Putin, supposedly he’s the one who uniquely held on to power; Rather, he’s a bloodthirsty fool and an exceptional failure who managed to squander such an opportunity, because Russia after the collapse of the USSR was an excellent place full of potential – including freedom, free oil money, the boom of electronics and the Internet, educated young powerful people, but it squandered everything itself, because it’s apolitical, internally fragmented, corrupt, wrong cleaning of the roots of the USSR model: FSB/KBG greed, and void… KGB is a cesspool of poison and mediocrities – Russians had to disbanded and close it right after the collapse of the Soviet Union (actually it was just 30 years of slowly decaying post-stalinist regime) – all kgb/fsb/police/communist employees should be lustrated after, banned from working in state at all – with their attitude and intelligence, let them go to work as security guards in supermarkets. You have to start with politics and philosophy, and then build the economy. Or your economy will fuel wrongly motivated war or something like that.

    Neighbors and the world should actively help each other and their woes because we all live on the same planet… Europeans turn up their noses at Russians when they’re in trouble today, and it’s unfair because the same Europeans, Germans, Dutch, French, were actively friendly with Putin despite knowing he’s a murderer and a scoundrel, buying oil from him and making faces. But suddenly today they turn up their noses as if they are pristine and the epitome of civilization – when with Russians, they are close relatives and neighbors. Disgusting.

    Putin’s mafia system is all about money – capitalism disaster…take away his money and all his so called supporters in Russia, USA or France will disappear in seconds…its empty free oil money stolen from Russians (with help of other countries – all remember that world’s passive reaction to: Georgia 2008 war, too hard police on 2012 Moscow protests, 2014 Ukraine war) – but nobody helps Russians themselves today, even worse – civilized world condemns them… but for what?

    And now in this situation this new Hitler-like idiot will continuously spend all his money to make things even worse, to unbalance sleepy-comfortable-weak western democracies, to fund elections, invasions, billions for propaganda, billions to unrest Europe, all to keep this crazy fanatic illusion to save himself in Kremlin, to prolong his life anyway and to lose power.


    Of course russians must suffer – they must pay the price for their silent slavery, for the mistakes of isolation, for not wanting and not working on their freedom and their open society, for their rudeness, ignorance, subornation of false ideals like criminal romance or respect for disrespect, cowardly obedience to any even the smallest authority… on such a substratum bastards and vomit like stalin or putin are born and thrive… It is a giant regret that Ukrainians have to suffer for such a neighbor.

    I absolutely despise the russian thing in general as of today – for all its rottenness, weakness and emptiness… All this antiutopia – it is born and based not on the activity or talents of putinists, but solely on the passivity and slavery of the people there and individuals who like they say “we just ordinary people what we can do” or “I must following orders”… even don’t trying to understand what’s happening with their society, just shifting responsibility and looking for money. This is the subtract of fascism’s evils – silently obeying.
    But I believe and know that there is still lots of normal and adequate russians who do not keep silent and do not tolerate, we should remember.

    Yet if you look at the historical context broadly – including the collapse of Yugoslavia and the USSR, it seems quite likely and natural that Russia will collapse into several small states – because usually such big and empty structures like today (if not decentralized properly) are highly fragile and corrupt, – and for the people living there and their neighbors, it will be good.

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  • Capitalism and socialism, what is better?

    Capitalism, unlike socialism, in the context of money in general, is a much more natural system. You accumulate money or borrow money, and there you have capital, for example. (Money is essentially the equivalent of human time invested by will). But does this mean it’s good? Many natural things are wildly and disbalanced. Darwinism is not applicable to human society because its level of complexity and entanglement is much higher and deeper than anything else on the planet, we need to balance our system by ourselves, find tricks and ideas to get better and more stable, nature can’t solve such short-time issues for us.

    In such an environment as capitalism, chance and luck play a significant role, and such factors need to be balanced – that is, integrated with socialism and distribution. But the key here is that the healthy core of capitalism – natural exchange, private property, and entrepreneurial ambition – is impossible and would be foolish to remove and flatten-align under the guise of socialism because those mechanisms are the system’s driver.
    A healthy solution is a mixture of socialism and capitalism – leveling the system from sharp hyper jumps and ultra-rich, but allowing the system to fluctuate and hum at a low to middle level, supporting each other…

    I would like to note separately – today’s USA as an example of concentrated capitalism – “suck money out of everyone and money-money-money: everything for money, regardless of quality” – an unevenly distributed society gradually slipping into crisis. Argentina, as an example of ultra-socialism – yes, everyone gets paid, they support the poor and the people, free healthcare and stuff – but they suffocate entrepreneurs – an extremely important essence for a healthy market and society’s progress- taxes, senseless bans, complexity – ultimately, the society is imbalanced and suffers. But by the way, both systems are democratic in nature – that is, flexible to change, and it may well be that both systems will overcome, heal themselves, and continue to live; at the same time, for contrast, if compared with Russia or China – whose economy was quite decent in its time as well as social support – until well known “middle income crisis” – but the closed institute of power and the tyranny of police and authoritarianism – that is, closeness – ultimately destroy any prospects, and if the USA and Argentina have more chances to weather the crisis, then Russia has more chances to collapse (top-down redistribution systems).

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  • Creation, space, reflections

    A canvas, an empty prepared space – a place where my feelings and ideas converge and materialize when I create – whether it is a musical composition, visual, textual, an idea in the space of my thoughts. Post-experience framing.
    Once I perceived and received some data from the experience, then evaluated it (values are one of the most important philosophical directive of a human being), and then, based on a certain stack of values I reinterpreted it, added my own, maybe from the chaos I took a grain of fire… to fill this new space. The purposefulness of creativity… good if it brings benefit and new experience to other people, but also so it’s just my life – a game, a movement.

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  • Ethics

    One of the main objectives of ethics is to provide a neutral (efficient) space (reasonable morals) of interaction between particles-subjects.


    “The first rule of ethics is this: If you see a fraud and don’t talk about the fraud, you yourself are a part of fraud. To be nice to an asshole is no better than to be asshole to a nice person, and in the same way to tolerate someone who does vile things is to indulge in those vile things.” -N.T

    Yes, evil things strictly require proper (not silent) answer; that necessarily balances the relationship-moral reality fields.

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  • Large-scale systems

    The large-scale structures and systems of today’s humanity are very unhealthy: national large bureaucratic governments, corporations, closed standards…

    The very nature of such organizations implies low quality and instability, – weak feedback, no balance control, corruptibility.

    Small, decentralized, mixed all together systems is the answer. Scalability needs to be highly realized and adjusted – it is potentially dangerous for yourself and for the surroundings to grow and grow and grow… It is unfortunate that many people simply follow what they have been shown, without questioning it. This includes the majority of us who are considered ordinary and lazy.

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  • mittnetworkmusic: new Iksnx, other details

    New Iksnx album has been released. Downtempo Acid Tape, Vol. 1 by Iksnx In December 2023, when I was working on jazz albums and beats, among other things and I happened to have an interesting sketch, I added acid riffs to the downtempo groove… and then it was decided to make an album like this.…


  • New DAS

    Finally I found time to prepare and release the new long-waited DAS album I’ve been planning in my head for over 4 years or so… this is the real sound of DAS – very experimental. It consists of tracks made at very different times, some just recently, some a couple years old demos. DAS by…


  • Realistic Coup d’état in Russia to defeat putinists, contours of the scenario + fresh news

    The military is devoid of a political voice, disparagingly pinned down, but have the weapons, trained to kill and got determination. That is the key mistake of putinist system – the disproportionately stupid wiping their feet on the military; but putilists elites – as a class of gray bureaucrats who took power by manipulations, internal…


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