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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

  • We’re all gonna die someday

    In the end, death makes us all the same.

    At this point in time, under the given conventions of our development, death is a good thing.

    I realize we are still limited as a species, as minds, and in spite of having the capacity for higher intelligence, we are still primitive, and most of us are fools and bastards. It would be impossible to endure the routine of it all indefinitely…. death is necessary. Maybe like so many other things? But not everything. The universe strives for perfection but many errors occur. Like, why do we need wisdom teeth? Rudiments happen…

    I’m ready to die at any moment so I’m not afraid of losing anything.

    The realization of mortality makes life better. Life is like a video game, no matter what bad things happen, I am ready to play, and ready to turn it off in a very extreme case, that’s easy, in any case it has an end. Realizing the finality of my existence helps me appreciate time.

    It’s all a flux, an endless filtering…

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  • Freedom vs. Control

    Ah, but how skillfully the corporations managed to outsmart the people by taking away control over their own devices, all under the guise of so called ‘security.’ If androids can still be brought back to life, unlocked, and given rights, then iPhones are in a terrible state – but it’s not surprising, after all, Apple is the worst. A golden cage of post-capitalist anti-utopia of digital serfdom.

    Most people are indeed weakly free, but that doesn’t mean they should be kept de facto as such. That is, if people are treated as idiots, assuming they are supposedly incapable of anything, a significant part may indeed tend towards idiocy – but not because people are actually idiots (in fact, Homo sapiens as a species are quite intelligent), but simply because current social and evolutionary settings imply that it’s easier for ordinary people to go with the flow (what’s given is given). And consequently, if people are perceived as feeble-minded, they may indeed become so. It’s generally harmful, such an approach…

    Out of the two extremes – absolute control (based on the premise that ‘most people are bad, harmful, and feeble-minded’) and absolute freedom (‘let people be, and let them digest mistakes’), I choose absolute freedom.

    Yes, restrictions are important to some extent – because what to do with fools…

    But the path of restrictions leads nowhere.

    While the path of freedom opens up variability, optionality, but there are still chances that fools in a free environment will be filtered differently, become wiser.

    You can’t say that one extreme is better than the other. But there should still be as much freedom as possible, the ratio in the ordinary context – well, around 80 to 20 for sure…

    We need to understand that restrictions generally is a very specific way on the perspectives of complex system development, not even on a minimal scale – a personal. By strictly prohibiting everything between elements there, you won’t progress much, usuallu it works better with a free, good understanding and love to the highest value for quality. Open will works better than a closed one.

    Greedy cold capitalist monsters,  overgrowths of corporations – don’t really think about security, restricting full access to smartphones or burdening the system every month with countless updates-bugs. They only think about how to make more money off the users-fools. More money is a rotten element of capitalism, leading to decay. In general, avoid large corporations as much as possible, actively seek and cultivate independence, freedom

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  • Self-spinning nature of progression

    Spiral of progression

    Black and white

    Something and nothing

    Prosperity and crisis

    It’s all necessary, it’s all natural… spiraling through itself, thus the eternal motion of the engine of life is realized.

    An inner screwing backwards… recoil… a sudden push like aversion forward… some bounce back. Then again…

    It’s a circular movement, both sides are essential there, dark and bright, chaos and order; but actually progressing itself forward and higher.

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  • Human being is the essence

    It’s not the place that beautifies the man, it’s the man who beautifies the place.

    The same can be said of destiny.

    It’s not destiny that beautifies a man or a fortune, it’s the person who beautifies the destiny.

    If a person is nice, deep mind, handsome and interesting, truly open and humanistic, then even poverty,
    even a hard struggle is good for that person – it makes the image charming.

    By the way, the whole essence of progress is suffering and its overcoming…. evolution is a response to worsening conditions. If everything was always perfect and smooth, our most ancient propagators, the most basic microbes, would swim endlessly in their warm bouillon.

    Have you ever noticed that in images the hero is beautiful and noble, even though he suffers and is poor and struggles, he does not become less beautiful, but even becomes more lovely?

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  • it’s complicated it’s complicated it’s complicated

    The world is a very complex, messy and spontaneous place.

    We’re human beings, and in our society and our systems of living, it’s even more complicated.

    There’s randomness everywhere. Very, very much depends on luck… the wilder we are, the more our system and distribution depends on chance.

    But this comes from an observer perspective only. How about a wider view?

    Image source

    To see not magic powerful evil, but confused, twisted, complex systems. Evil is pure human, a cheeky ignorance… that primarily the weakness of an element of a complex, entangled system, not something special. In general, the human world in general is very complex and complicated – it is a real challenge for us as a species to realize and process it all

    An attractive inquiry is how perceptible and resynthesizable is the awareness of the complexity of our systems for entities wider than the system – that is, roughly speaking, if we see our world as complex, how could it be seen by say a god or a hyperhuman, an Übermensch…? Such thought experiments help to give some perspective and scales to the recognized

    Or is complexity complicated in any case? Definitely not – because if something seems extremely complex to a child, say, the Internet or television, it doesn’t seem so to an educated adult.    It depends on the level and breadth of awareness of the phenomenon, representation of it.

    However, in any case – keep your mind clear. If the world is complex, systems are complicated, if you know it all and understand the flaws of the elements of entanglement, the immaturity of individual components, if you see and understand it all, you are calm in any case. Just let it be, let it test itself.

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  • Creator’s purposes in ages of generative ai

    In the age of ai and generative tech, creating stylistic craft art has become meaningless – meaning – that is, meaningfulness, the necessity of the common purpose.

    Art as development, as play, is one thing: teaching, therapeutic…

    The other is the art of the genuine, cognitive plan, when as a researcher of feelings and spectra of the mind you study the paths of the new, the perspective, and synthesize the beautiful… such activity, although it includes particles of the previously (education, therapeutic) mentioned, in the light of the new era, transforms and mutates into something even more narrowly specialized.

    Image source

    In the fields of pure art one should work more deeply, more ideologically, more sensually. That is, to experiment, to work with feeling and ideas… conceptually.

    All these “I’ll draw in the style of…”, for example in the style of classical or abstractionism, or make jazz…. – that’s fine if you’re a kid in school or a bored post-traumatic adult. But if you are a real artist, a creator, especially a skilled, experienced, an advanced sensory machine of reflection and synthesis, you can waste time if you procrastinate with craft.

    Craft, all routine, tends to be simplified, digested by automation. It’s a middle-management niche and below. . . All labor has a property to automation, and the simpler the labor, the sooner it is automated.

    But how can you automate sports, like soccer, or art, for example? it’s human, too human. Routine, patter, background, craft is automated. The genius of the human shines beyond mundane goals.

    For basic consumption, background listening, arrangement of cafe walls and all sorts of things – generators generate patterns. In short that is background.

    But the machine can’t feel, can’t understand the depth of the human being. Tomorrow’s real creators need to feel the cutting edge of the new, pure feeling and experimentation. To take off this bounds of dry stylistics and bread-and-butter. The brains of the best people will still be the clear best beacon and light for other people’s brains – that is, proximity.

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  • Culth of youth

    The cult of youth is everywhere today, I don’t accept it.

    Young people are mostly inexperienced, undeveloped, some are clearly stupid.

    Maybe this is reflexive of trends in capitalism, economics and society? “Pour energy recklessly! who cares about the consequences and perspective, pocket the money while it’s lying around”.

    Thirty / forty+ is the ideal age in which the true essence of a person already has time to manifest itself… After all, the young – they are often more universal-basic to see them more accurately.

    Gain experience, knowledge, because this is the most important thing in a person – the brain.

    Young people are infantile, unripe fruit.

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  • Concentration of negativity

    Personally, inside (and maybe socially, outside too) it is always better to distill the negativity abstractly, disperse it – because it tends to concentrate into a point, thus intensifying.

    And the main thing here, causing harm to you first of all, not to the object of hatred…In any situation, keep calm reasoning. How to disperse? Look more broadly at the situation, for example.

    In dialectically opposite argumentation, one can assert that negativity and hatred ought to help to strengthen the power of response to evil…Sounds almost logically correct, but this tends to be an illusion.

    The power that negativity gives is weak in its perspective and controllability, in other words, even in a situation where hatred or negativity is supposed to bring benefit, it does not bring it, because according to the characteristics of the system, excited by the unpleasantness of negativity, becomes weaker – it loses control and distance of response.

    And what prevents from gathering the same power, but without the negativity, by laughing and destroying?

    A vivid response can be not negativity, but a bright wit, a calm and decisive demolition.

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  • Strange days of September 2009

    One of the first music composition I ever created… Moody autumn 2009, while studying audio synthesis on a Linux machine. I started with ambient.

    Original screenshot of my 09.2009 desktop, somehow I posted it on an internet forum from that era
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  • Malicious elements of a system, cultural code elements

    Dictators and authoritarianism, totalitarianism as well as excessive capitalism or even a concentrated ultimate socialism = damaged DNA of the cultural code of the cells of the colonies in leadership. Democratic models can heal such systems with the infusion of fresh minds.

    Image source

    Values are key elements in the DNA chain of the cultural code of subjects of society. Values of the vision to the real quality, will for prosperity, feeling and motivation for the long distance perspective, humanism, understanding importance of freedom, understanding of moral – and all those formed by will as long as it sees the value in those… all the mentioned are of the most important elements in the code to have a prosperous, successful time.

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  • Simulations, simulacra, post mixed-reality creations

    No matter what kind of simulation it is, the reality, i.e. the original from which the simulacrum is taken, will always have a higher value.

    This applies to the virtual world, art from ai (simulation of human neurons and feelings), porn, racing games, everything. This experience, it recreates feelings, that is, the screen-surface, but not the atomic, spatial and ideological depth.

    An interesting counter-example is video games, simulations of sports matches, say for instance footbal. It’s not really a simulation in the literal sense anymore….. there’s no reality where you control 11 people, it’s a new game, like table-footbal. A slightly new, different entity.

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  • Freedom and limitations

    Absolute freedom is an illusion, like if transport in the city moved as everyone wanted it to – spontaneously and without rules. In movement (and life is movement), reasonable restrictions on the flow are necessary, you can’t just let everyone move freely and chaotically.

    The same with aesthetics and ethics where limits are needed, they are the primary – framers of style.

    And with politics. the problem is not so much that there is a leader with power, the problem is how smart and noble he is, that he is not a scum and where he will lead the system, to collapse if he is a fool and nothing or to prosperity and well-being if he is smart and noble.

    Real freedom is found at a higher level – in formulating, realizing, planning and discussing these limitations – i.e., in freedom of speech, information.

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  • Internet is above them

    Internet is an supra-state entity.
    It’s an extraordinary phenomenon in our history, like the domestication of electricity.

    After all, who ever said that countries, especially in the decadence of today’s fashion of so called “nations” – actually overgrowth weak bureaucracy/money hunting systems, are something ultimate, finished? Just because it was suitable at some point in our evolution doesn’t mean it will be suitable after that. Mankind is waiting for a completely different organization structure, a one to be closer to the perfection of balance and symmetry.

    Let’s say they can even block it, turn it off, but in this way they block and turn off themselves, their economy and growth. The pressure of the technological evolution is quite a serious event, in fact.

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  • The two sides

    In general, all forms of creative art can be divided into two categories: dark and light, i.e., warm and cool, serious deep and lucid – affirming and joyful.
    In short, there are two extremes of feeling and emotion, and two extremes of up or down.
    Black and white.
    With shades and combinations varying from one to the other.
    But categorically no other is possible.
    There is also gray: neutrality, futurity, technology, but it’s still a cool essence.

    Why just those two? There are things that there is no point in asking questions about… There are and there are, + and -. What’s given is given. We look at the whole – there is yes, and there is no. Literally at the basic level of atomic perception there is a plus and there is a minus – at the level of electric charge, even at the level of energy distribution…

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  • Emptiness

    There is no such thing as absolute emptiness.
    But there is the idea of absolute emptiness.
    How empty is that idea?

    I know what emptiness is, it’s when I’m not there… and the mind tries to go back to the place where it wasn’t and realizes it was empty.

    So doesn’t emptiness equal absence?

    The idea of emptiness is space without thought.

    Absence is a relative notion.

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  • Look at unknown…

    Look at unknown people with kindness and neutrality, like you would look at your future doctor.

    It is important for us to maintain peace and balance, ethics, aesthetics, decency… Until you see for sure that the person in front of you is an asshole, give him some trust, at least a little.

    But never fully believe in anyone. Most people are stupid, lazy and selfish after all. Always keep your privacy and personal security at a reasonable level, especially today.

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  • Problems of capitalism, public structures and money

    In the jungles of modern world’s capitalism, in a huge big company… they’re not aiming to make just a good product.

    They’re just trying to make a product that will sell well.

    Values there don’t aim a healthy, beautiful, prosperous society, but only to fill their own pocket with money, no matter if letting other people die.

    That’s completely wrong because we are all connected, we are all fruits of the same tree – the tree of life, we share the same home – the earth, we share the same roof – the sky.

    Value, quality, perspective? All these things are unimportant in the mainstream of capitalism today – just to sell, just to promote, just to hold on to their position.

    We live in times of anti-humanism. Money and greed have conquered ordinary people. The sudden ultra-globalization of markets and sharp information revolution has only increased the masses of fools.

    Systems and organization of resource and energy fluxes corresponds to the volume and geometric structuring of the environment – that is, what is the composition of the flow of people and their labor, its complexity and depth, so their self-organization and regulation of efficiency.

    Today’s model is inefficient… our world is in crisis. With globalization and ultra-productivization, the money-market model of generations before yesterdays – of capital accumulation and distribution – is becoming increasingly irrelevant. As if feudalism were today. Actually what we see, by the way – the profound absurdity, the inappropriateness to progress and the common good of techno-feudalism of overgrown bureaucratic based, authority biased corporations and states.

    All these systems work well on a small scale, adaptation is needed when outgrowing them. Laws, society, companies, money…

    The next systems to be decentralization, universal basic income, and the rejection of money as the main stimulant of production.

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  • Wrong way

    Iran, China, Russia – these are cancer… Maybe some other times they might be interesting cultures, but not today.

    That all looks very similar to an organism. Malicious elements sucked in like parasites, destroying everything around them, doing no good, unwilling and unable to leave.

    The best people furiously leave those places. Such systems are doomed to decline in the long run. Absolute crap.

    Growth for growth’s sake… but what’s the point of your growth, what’s the purpose?

    Youtube, google, microsoft, meta, musk, apple, amazon, other similar big junk tech is also a cancer on the society, – as another example of general system-scale wrong-values directed degeneration. They’re all rotten: techno-fascists; we’re sick of paying, the market is monopolized. We should have thought of this earlier. It’s hard now. We’ll have to clean up this mess. Most people are lazy dumb suckers, that’s why all this crap can grow: on the passivity and ignorance of the masses.

    Education is not about getting rich and converting science and school into money, as is common today… how utterly pathetic is that! Education is to develop culture and values! To avoid such unfreedom, blind money chasing, general decadence.

    Live free or die trying, never obey to the idiots or money. You not a special one, you’re just a fruit on the tree of life, care the general usefulness at first. Anyway you’re going to decompose soon.

    America is also stupid, the worst mainstream culture in the world, slaves to money. Drowning in their own problems, bad leader of the planet, trouble. We’re gonna have to clean it up again, build it back up again. That’s fire.

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  • Nature can sound like hallucinating synthesized electronics

  • Passivity is a substrate of fascism and degradation

    ‘The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality’ – Dante

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