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“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.” – N. Bohr

Ah, but how skillfully the corporations managed to outsmart the people by taking away control over their own devices, all under the guise of so called ‘security.’ If androids can still be brought back to life, unlocked, and given rights, then iPhones are in a terrible state – but it’s not surprising, after all, Apple is the worst. A golden cage of post-capitalist anti-utopia of digital serfdom.

Most people are indeed weakly free, but that doesn’t mean they should be kept de facto as such. That is, if people are treated as idiots, assuming they are supposedly incapable of anything, a significant part may indeed tend towards idiocy – but not because people are actually idiots (in fact, Homo sapiens as a species are quite intelligent), but simply because current social and evolutionary settings imply that it’s easier for ordinary people to go with the flow (what’s given is given). And consequently, if people are perceived as feeble-minded, they may indeed become so. It’s generally harmful, such an approach…

Out of the two extremes – absolute control (based on the premise that ‘most people are bad, harmful, and feeble-minded’) and absolute freedom (‘let people be, and let them digest mistakes’), I choose absolute freedom.

Yes, restrictions are important to some extent – because what to do with fools…

But the path of restrictions leads nowhere.

While the path of freedom opens up variability, optionality, but there are still chances that fools in a free environment will be filtered differently, become wiser.

You can’t say that one extreme is better than the other. But there should still be as much freedom as possible, the ratio in the ordinary context – well, around 80 to 20 for sure…

We need to understand that restrictions generally is a very specific way on the perspectives of complex system development, not even on a minimal scale – a personal. By strictly prohibiting everything between elements there, you won’t progress much, usuallu it works better with a free, good understanding and love to the highest value for quality. Open will works better than a closed one.

Greedy cold capitalist monsters,  overgrowths of corporations – don’t really think about security, restricting full access to smartphones or burdening the system every month with countless updates-bugs. They only think about how to make more money off the users-fools. More money is a rotten element of capitalism, leading to decay. In general, avoid large corporations as much as possible, actively seek and cultivate independence, freedom


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